Sunday, April 24, 2016

Go ye

A couple months ago the Good Year blimp base off Dixie Highway in Pompano got a makeover. It was a common sight to see crews replacing roof panels at precarious positions from enormous manlifts. More recently they completed the work by replacing the signage. For several weeks, a few letters were missing so that the building read GOO YE. I couldn't help but take it to heart as a reminder to never 'tire' after a long day, and it became a sort of silent mantra that energized me for the last few trips of my shift. Now the sign is finished and the mantra is no more, though the building's occupant continues it's forward motion, buoyed by air. The nearby orbiting bodies pounding out the miles on the railroad and Dixie Highway complete their terrestrial circuits. Some bodies are fixed in their paths, still others break routine and venture into new avenues.

The April pick starts today, so expect to see new faces at the wheel as drivers shift positions. I always make a point of picking the 50 at least one day a week if available, and my good fortune continues for the next couple months since I'll be over there every Monday afternoon. Come on, let's go...

P.S. You'll also find me on the 19 Saturdays, the 34 several days a week and the 95 Express Route 109. Oh yeah, and a bonus tripper on the 10 once a week. So I'll be disappearing uptown for awhile but still transporting my peeps at Central Terminal.

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